The surrounding area is in itself an invitation to wander.

The involving surroundings permit going for walks, horse-riding, cycling or four- wheel driving through tracks that cross the heart of the Leomil Mountain allowing the enjoyment of the magnificent views and landscapes that only she has to offer.

Listen to birds, recognize their singing and plumage, socialize closely but safely with animals still in extinction, such as wolves and foxes, live the striking experience which is to witness the passage of a herd of wild boars, live together with cinegetic species in perfect freedom, in surroundings which invite meditation, as well as indolence, in order to recover the strength that will provide a healthy return to work and the daily struggles of life.

For those who are not thrilled with the peacefulness of the place, mountain bikes and Moto-4 are available for visits around.

Besides the activities close by, other Routes, previously defined, are also available which permit visiting pre-historical and historical elements of relevant interest such as the “Necrópole Megalítica da Nave” located in the Leomil Mountains, the Monasteries of “São João de Tarouca” and “Salzedas”, Roman bridges and roads, being able to enjoy, sailing in its waters or by train (running on coal) on its banks, the unique landscape of the River Douro 20 minutes away from the compound, tasting the famous wines of the region in local farms, visiting the “Foz Côa” engravings one hour away, or satisfying oneself with the food, sweets and traditional jams, where the quality of the cooking made with local products and tradition are the rule, everything … “Também, com saudável egoísmo, um pouco por amor de cada um de nós.” (Also, with healthy egoism, a bit out of love for each one of us).

Tourist Route of the “Tarouca district”

Visit to the Rock Engravings of “Vale do Côa”

Visit to the Douro River by boat and Wine Tasting

Visit to the Douro River by train

Moto Quatro

Travessia das Terras do Demo

Sons e Sabores Serranos

A Força da Mó

Rota do Paiva
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