"Sobre a arca atoalhada do mais puro linho apresentava-se o folar, rimas de queijos e de bolos, pratos de ovos, ou moedas entaladas em laranjas, à falha destas, em peros."

by Aquilino Ribeiro on Easter Gastronomic traditions.

The Gastronomy of the Beira Alta Region,

A trip through the tastes and traditions, where secular knowledge is revealed, habits, customs and above all imagination with which, sometimes with very few resources, dishes were discovered that we find delicious today...

Rude cuisine, not very elaborate but very rich in taste and knowledge, where the meat / pork dishes play an important role, regional specialties, conserved traditionally by the salting and / or smoking techniques, the sausages, the famous lamb roasted in the original bread oven, served with roast potatoes, oven baked rice and vegetables, and all the millers traditional dishes from which, the corn marinade, the meat (marinated with garlic and wine) with corncobs, the sweet corn and the pumpkin soup, stand out.

A source of tradition which, most of the time, makes us relive and feel the beating of the rude and simple, but vigorous lives of those who preceded us...

Upon request and depending on the time of year we will serve our guests:
 Chestnut Broth
 Bean Soup
 ''Caldo Verde'' (Green Broth)
Meal Broth
 ''Caldo de farinha''
 Grilled Codfish
 Baked Codfish with Corn Bread
 Corn with Codfish
 Duck Rice
 Stewed Rabbit in ''vinha-d’alhos''
 Rabbit Rice with herbs
 Stewed Chicken Rice
 Stewed Rabbit Rice
 Grilled Lamb
 Stuffed Lamb, roasted in the bread oven
 Marinated Pork
 Sausage with vegetables
 Roasted bits of Pork
 Corn Marinade with vegetables
 Toasted “Moiro” with boiled potatoes
 Boiled Veal with regional sausages and vegetables
 French beans stewed with pork
 Roasted Loin of Pork with chestnuts
 S. Tiago Rice custard
 Milk Custard
 Sweet Corn
 Milk Pudding
 Baking soda biscuits
 Pumpkin Broth with milk
 Sweet bread with cinnamon
 Fresh or cured cheese with pumpkin jam and nuts

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