Renewable Energies

The Tourist compound “Moinhos da Tia Antoninha” is totally autonomous energy- wise, the production being assured by a solar and hydro system.

The cables is underground, and the solar panels is placed suitably so as to preserve the rural landscape.

The generating system is made up of a photovoltaic field, installed on a hill on the eastern side of the property, and of a micro hydro turbine located by the mouth of the small river that used to serve the old mill. The system is complemented by an support generator.

Solar Energy – Photovoltaic field

The photovoltaic field allows the direct transformation of the solar energy hitting the modules into electric energy. It is made up of two units of twelve solar photovoltaic modules each, mechanically driven by an automatic system which follows the position of the sun.

This system allows the automatic adjustment of the inclination and orientation of the photovoltaic modules (control of the rotation axis of the support structure), in such a way as to maximize the energy production throughout the day during any season of the year.

Micro hydropower – Hydro-turbine

The watercourse, longer than 150m, is used to start the hydraulic micro-turbine, on an existing waterfall (more than 10m), between the already existing and recuperated pond and one of the mills.

The term Micro-hydro is applied to the hydroelectric improvements with a potency lower than 100kW, and which due to their reduced environmental impact are considered renewable centrals. In the present case an electrical generator of 12kW is coupled with the turbine.

Accumulation and support system – Batteries and Generator

In order to store the energy produced by the above described systems, stationary batteries is installed in the central control building, together with the conditioning potency unit. This bank of 24 cells, with a capacity of 2500 Ah C100, permit an autonomy of approximately 3 days of average consume.

The process of charging the batteries is controlled from the management and control unit which starts automatically the generator, in case the capacity of the batteries goes bellow minimum security level.

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